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Employer Services

Job redesign .  A service to help you restructure jobs to make them work on a part-time or job-shared basis. A great way to retain key employees; often cuts costs & helps productivity.

Exit interview services . Employees are often reluctant to be honest with company officials in exit interviews.  Result?  A misleading impression that most women are leaving “to spend more time with their families” or “for better opportunities elsewhere”.  By contracting out the exit interview process, you can get more reliable information. (More details)
Job-share database . Job-sharing is employees' third-most desired benefit, according to a survey of 2000 working Canadians reported in the May 29, 2000 Maclean's magazine. We are developing a database of experienced managers and professionals who want to share a job, and who have the right attitudes and work skills to be able to do so successfully. A perfect place to find a partner for your key employees whose work can't be reduced to part-time, but who might leave if you won't reduce their hours. We can also help you redesign your jobs to make them work as job-shares, and train your managers to supervise job-sharers.

New Networking Forum . Meet with other employers (and sometimes with part-timers and those who'd like to be). Hear guest speakers on workplace issues such as flexible working arrangements, employee recruiting and retention strategies, and other human resources issues.
To join, send us an e-mail. Please specify what organization you are with, what your role is, and what city you are based in (so we can invite you to local events). Soon we hope to add an on-line forum too.

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