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Articles/Writing Samples
Cashing in on on-line courses (University Affairs, February 2001)
The prospect of turning scribbled lecture notes into money-making on-line products has faculty and administrators scrambling to rewrite the rules on who owns course materials.

Universities compete for a presence on-line (University Affairs, October 2000)
Competition in the higher education market is intensifying as both traditional universities and high-tech entrepreneurs jump at the chance to eliminate physical boundaries to education.

The expanding university universe (University Affairs, October 2000)
Education is hot, and entrepreneurs seeking a share of this surging market are seizing on the appeal of the word "university" to attract students and revenues.

Can teach, will travel (University Affairs, June/July 2000 )
If you have expertise in ancient Greece, impressionist art or exotic ornithology, to name just a few hot fields, you may be able to hop on the latest travel trend and see the world.

Oh, Henry! (University Affairs, May 1999)
The back-to-basics management philosophy of McGill’s Henry Mintzberg is winning followers in a business world that's sick of the latest gurus – and turning him into one in the process.

Management Guru Henry Mintzberg   (Canadian HR Reporter, 1999)
More on Mintzberg -- What advice does he have for HR managers?

Small Business & Work-Life Balance  (Profit, 1999)
How small businesses can keep employees loyal and motivated; low-cost ways to help them balance their work and personal lives.  

Is Your Employer Woman-Friendly? (Checklist)
Is it worth jumping ship? Or, if you are already out cruising for a new employer, what should you be looking for?

Death by a Thousand Cuts (University Affairs, February 2000)

Competition for Faculty Heats Up   (University Affairs, January 2000)

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