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Helpful Resources
Part-time Work 

Improvising New Careers An excellent academic study of reduced workload arrangements for managers and professionals, by McGill Management professor Mary Dean Lee. Key findings include: career advancement slowed but did not stop, responsibility for subordinates was NOT a stumbling block (though this did depend on how independent the subordinates were), support of the senior manager is essential, those who were supportive saw it as a way to avoid losing a star performer or to recruit talent, need trial periods and fine tuning with experience.

Women's Wire - Part-time success stories

Article by a paralegal about her successful part-time arrangement
The perceptions of her boss

Job Sharing 

Job Sharing Offers Unique Challenges  A useful article from the Society for Human Resource Management

Flexible Working Arrangements 
(see also Home-based Work, Job Sharing, Part-time Work, Work & Life Balance)

The Business Argument for Flexibility  Article from HR Magazine about Chubb Insurance's experiences.

Child Care 

Childcare Resource and Research Unit home page

Britain lags behind Europe on childcare

Employer Child Care Options

Invest in Kids  

NCCIC. Child Care Topics

Employment Equity 
US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Home Page

Home-Based Work (includes self-employment; telecommuting, etc.) 

Training Supervisors to Manage Telecommuters Article from HR Magazine

Home Based Working Moms The Online Magazine for Work at Home Moms

Women and Work 
Advancing Women in Leadership Journal

Business Organizations Webring for

CAWEE-the association for Canadian Women Entrepreneurs and Executives

Canadian Women's Business Network

Institute for Women's Policy Research

National Ass'n. of Female Executives

Women Entrepreneurs in Canada: Geared Towards Success \ BDC

Organizations for Women in Business \ Resources for Business Women


Women's Work

Working Mother

Women - Other sites of interest 


FEMALE Home Page - An organization for "sequencing" mothers: women who have altered their career paths in order to care for their children at home. (Slow to load.)

Journeywoman - An Online Travel Magazine Just For Women

Women's International Net Network

Women's Studies - U of Toronto

Women's biographies: Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Work & Family/Personal Life Balance 

The Vanier Institute of the Family

Canadian Policy Research Network-- CPRN